When we use the word probity, we are referring to the integrity, the transparency and honesty of a process. As Government agencies and departments work more closely with the private sector, processes can become more challenging.

Today we see a greater focus on procurement partnerships, panels and a desire for a fairer marketplace. We see contract complexity and the need for agility and change.

Having the confidence to navigate that change and creating opportunities instead of letting threats shut down processes and people is vital!

Confidence comes with knowledge. 

Sharing that knowledge and delivering impartiality is the team from PCDiv ,the Sister Company to Pro Leaders Academy. As professional probity advisers, we help you determine the best path forward in accountability and transparency; fairness, management of conflicts of interest; maintenance of confidentiality and ensuring security; and attaining value for money.

Procurement & Contracts Division (PCDiv) – a Supply nation recognised manages the delivery and training of:

  • Probity Advice and Reviews
  • Probity Plans and Better Practice Guides
  • Contract Letting / Management Advice and Reviews
  • Probity Risk Management
  • Probity Training
  • Managing Conflicts of Interest

Our consultants are also trainers and facilitators in Project, Procurement & Contracting training from entry to senior levels. They bring infield experience and knowledge to the table allowing your team to gain that much needed, hard to find impartiality.

With a focus on education instead of checks ensures future processes become more robust and less likely to be challenged because everyone knows the rules! And while the rules are different for the private sector, the outcome is the same – a desire for making investment decisions based on integrity and adherence to ethical practice. Shareholders are seeking assurance that transactions are free from conflict and that the value of their holdings is not under question, that no one is being compromised.

Probity shouldn’t just wait for high value highly visible projects, it should form part of any project plan, any procurement process and any leadership decision making.