Individual & Team Training

Individual & Team Training

Irrespective of whether you are an individual looking to start or further your career or a training manager considering training options for a wider team, Pro Leaders Academy can help.

Our approach to delivering qualifications is to break the course up into blocks of training and separate the blocks over a few weeks to allow students time to absorb the information learned and apply their learnings in the workplace in between the blocks of training.

Pro Leaders facilitators are all highly qualified and have extensive experience with practical knowledge acquired throughout their careers.  They are also fully qualified and experienced as training designers, facilitators, assessors and coaches.  As such, they are able to relate to the work experiences of course participants and can tell real stories that inject colour and realism into their sessions.  One of the greatest strengths of our team is our ability to draw on real work experience to contextualise the training and make it practical to enhance learning.

Our facilitators support participants as they progress through the training, managing the range of knowledge and skills that individual participants bring to the course.  Our facilitators draw on participant experiences, shaping responses where necessary to bring a participant’s prior knowledge and experience into line with a better practical approach and to support valuable peer learning.Pro Leaders facilitators hold qualifications in their chosen fields, with associated industry body memberships ensuring they keep their skills and qualifications current through professional development activities, wide professional reading, skills accreditation, and, participation in professional forums and formal training programs. .

Evaluation and Reporting

With the delivery of any program or a new client, we review participant and other feedback closely at the end of the first delivery to make any adjustments that may enhance the program.  We regularly review participant feedback for continuous improvement purposes, and discuss any emerging trends with the client at regular progress meetings or at least through a periodic facilitator report.

We conduct Kirkpatrick level 1 evaluation (reaction level) of all our training programs and provide clients with a summary report of this feedback along with our recommendations if applicable, at no additional cost.