High School year 10+

Year 10+ An introduction to LLP

The Diploma of Project Management BSB51415, Leveraging Learning Program (LLP)

This diploma is designed to give upper high school students a bridge either to university or the workplace. Because the project that the students plan and manage is the submission of all of their assignments and assessment items in a semester, they tend to manage their studies more effectively and improve their school results.  The qualification gives a range of favourable access options to many tertiary institutions.  This program is ideal for the students who are unsure of what they want to do and sometimes loose focus for a short time and need a vehicle for recovery.

The course is based on the National Standards for Project Management and uses a lifecycle approach, so students understand the stages of projects.

Delivered for year 10+ students, the planning, stakeholder engagement, risk and scope learnings are centred around their studies providing context and relevance. This qualification will not just provide a pathway to university but provide life skills for any career they choose!   It will allow them to advance their skills in:

  • determining project objectives, how to identify project lifecycles, along with scope and changes throughout the lifecycle.
  • planning, implementing and managing costs, scope and timeframes of most situations.
  • how to manage a procurement or buying processes; and
  • identifying risks in order to develop risk management strategies.

Life skills everyone needs!

This is not an online course where a student must manage their time alone. These are set class times in a remote environment with qualified teacher taking the class able to help and guide the students through the learning and activities required to complete this full qualification.


*we do recommend every student seeks independent advice from their preferred university prior to commencing study.