Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Leadership is an evolving discipline with an increasing reliance on Emotional Intelligence (EI) with thought and action in a strategic environment differing greatly to that of management.

For businesses or government departments looking to formulate succession planning, career pathways and/or skills to take the organisation through its next stage, our executive coaching team are available to guide people through the necessary steps of management to leadership.

Self Awareness of Strategic Leadership Style. Exploration of personal values, beliefs, attitudes and associations and their impact on personal leadership behaviour.

Self Management in the Strategic Environment. Effective self management to build resilience given the pressures of leading at the strategic level.

Achieving outcomes in the Strategic Environment

    • Dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty
    • Effective communication in complex environments
    • Working effectively with diverse stakeholders in the Defence strategic environment
    • Developing and enabling subordinates in the strategic environment.

Led by Phil Sealy, Pro Leaders facilitators are all highly qualified in their subject matter and have extensive experience with practical knowledge acquired throughout their public and private sector careers in their chosen fields.  They are also fully qualified and experienced as training designers, facilitators and assessors.  As such they can relate to the work experiences of course participants, understand both the public and private sector environment and can tell real stories that inject colour and realism into their training and coaching.  One of the greatest strengths of our team is our ability to draw on real work experience to contextualise the training and coaching and make it practical to enhance learning.