For Parents

An Alternative University & Career Pathway

When your offspring finish high school, they’re expected to be totally prepped for the ‘real world’ and have all the knowledge they need to survive adult life. But more often than not they’re left scratching their head after graduation.

There is something you can do however that will provide a long term solution and provide them with an advantage over others in a competitive job world.

Whilst they wont walk into an immediate role as a Project Manager, it will provide them with the fundamental understanding of what a project is and how a project works. They may be able to more easily secure a project support role in an industry of their choosing with this qualification to support their on the job experiences.

Experts recommend that students think beyond a linear trajectory to university. For this reason, it’s worth exploring pathways that allow your child to embrace detours along the road to their final destination. For example, many students who aren’t able to enter their desired course discover that enrolling in a course with similar foundational subjects can help them transfer into their preferred course in their second year of university. Bridging pathways through Pro Leaders also provide an alternative for students who didn’t achieve the required entry score for a specific course.

The Diploma of Project Management BSB51415 is a nationally recognised qualification that has significant advantages over other courses.

    • Runs alongside their schooling without adding significantly more to their workload
    • University preparation improves high school results
    • Acts as the bridge between High School and University by providing a long term qualification providing practical skills that can be used in their personal, academic and future careers.
    • Is rated at an ATAR equivalent of 0P9 or higher
    • Enables university Entry to many university. {QLD QUT, USQ, SCU, CQU, JCU, UNE in 2021 and UQ in 2022}
    • This is a national qualification and can keep the doors open in the event your offspring isnt sure of their career path yet.
    • Two intakes per year – January & June

What is covered:

This is a Diploma course and meets the national standards and includes mandatory units of competency in areas such as:

  • Communication
  • Risk
  • Quality
  • Scope
  • Negotiation

Time Commitment:

  • 60 hours face to face across three terms plus
  • 60 hours of student work across three terms plus
  • Support phone, email, text, zoom recordings
  • We teach work smart

TAFE vs Pro Leaders Academy

  • 12 integrated units
  • 6 students to one teacher
  • TAFE cost is $6000
  • Flexible as can be done in school holidays and evenings from home with facilitator online.

Inclusions are

  • Professional Folder and memory stick with templates for all assignments that can be reused in any work situation
  • Flexible offerings times and zoom
  • Zoom library for reference or catchup requirements
  • All trainers Industry Professional Project Managers and are experienced at working with high school students.