Stakeholder Engagement Essentials

Stakeholder Engagement Essentials

This one-day course is designed as an introduction to communication with stakeholders and understanding how to negotiate effectively to get what you want. It will investigate the various stakeholder engagement strategies and how to effectively use them in the workplace through the different negotiation styles and will show how conflicts can be effectively managed by negotiating with stakeholders.

Key aspects:

▪ Understand what you want out of the negotiation;
▪ Understand what you can reasonably expect as a negotiated outcome;
▪ Determine what you are willing to give up;
▪ Understand the pitfalls of failing to recognise the other party’s strengths and weaknesses;
▪ Manage effective stakeholder engagement; and

This course is offered in the following methods of delivery:

  • Classroom training (one (1) full day to complete course); and
  • Virtual Classroom learning.