Mentoring Professionals

This two-day course is ideal for people who are wanting to learn the skills and techniques that will assist in their mentoring session.  This is aimed at anyone wanting to not only understand the important aspects of mentoring people within the workplace, but to also use practical skills that can be used in their work and personal lives.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate
Maximum size group: 16 students

This highly-interactive course is delivered face-to-face and is an Australian Accredited course that will result in a Statement of Attainment with the course based on the following nationally recognised Unit of Competency:

  • TAEDEL404 Mentor in the workplace.

As this course is based on a Unit of Competency, a written assessment is required at the end of the course over an allocated 2 hours

Key aspects:

  • Difference between mentor and coach;
  • Mindset of a mentor;
  • Developing a mentoring plan;
  • Facilitate mentoring relationship;
  • Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of mentoring;
  • Setting up a mentoring session;
  • Meta Dynamics™ profiling;
  • Building rapport;
  • Effective listening;
  • Representational Systems;
  • Dealing with difficult situations.

This course is offered in the following methods of delivery:

  • Classroom training (two (2) full day to complete course); and
  • Support distance learning.