Effective Stakeholder Engagement

Effective Stakeholder Engagement

This highly interactive three-day workshop is designed to develop strategies to communicate and negotiate effectively with a focus on engaging effectively with stakeholders. It will investigate the various stakeholder engagement strategies and how to effectively use them in the workplace through the different negotiation styles and will show how conflicts can be effectively managed by negotiating with stakeholders. This course consists of theory, practical exercises and a video-recording of the practical exercises that will be emailed to the participant for review and reference. As a consequence, a much smaller class of maximum 10 people will allow all students to be recorded for their practical exercise.

Key aspects:

▪ Understand what you want out of the negotiation;
▪ Understand what you can reasonably expect as a negotiated outcome;
▪ Determine what you are willing to give up;
▪ Understand the pitfalls of failing to recognise the other party’s strengths and weaknesses;
▪ Have sufficient skills to overcome objections;
▪ Know how to close the deal;
▪ Identify and address stakeholder interests;
▪ Manage effective stakeholder engagement; and
▪ Manage stakeholder communications.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate
Maximum size group: 16 students

Upon completion of this three-day workshop and all assessment activities, students may be awarded with a Statement of Attainment for the following Unit of Competency:

▪ Undertake negotiations (PSPGEN049); and
▪ Manage Project Stakeholder Engagement (BSBPMG519).

This course is offered in the following methods of delivery:

  • Classroom training (thee (3) full day to complete course); and
  • Virtual Classroom learning.