BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management (Year 10+ LLP)

This qualification is ideal for Year 10+ students who are wishing to find an alternative pathway to university, may be unsure of their chosen career at this stage, or perhaps haven’t received the results that they had anticipated.  The student will gain the skills to oversee projects to meet goals and objectives of the organisation.  It will provide a theoretical understanding of project management and practical tools and skills for implementation in the workplace.

The course is based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and National Standards for Project Management and uses a lifecycle approach so students understand the stages of projects.  

Delivered for year 10+ students, the planning, stakeholder engagement, risk and scope learnings are centred around their studies providing context and relevance. This qualification will not just provide a pathway to university but provide life skills for any career they choose!   It will allow them to advance their skills in:

  • determining project objectives, how to identify project lifecycles, along with scope and changes throughout the lifecycle.
  • planning, implementing and managing costs, scope and timeframes of most situations.
  • how to manage a procurement or buying processes; and
  • identifying risks in order to develop risk management strategies.

Life skills everyone needs! 

This course consists of eight (8) required units and four (4) elective units:

Required Units:

BSBPMG511 – Manage project scope;

BSBPMG512 – Manage project time;

BSBPMG513 – Manage project quality;

BSBPMG514 – Manage project cost;

BSBPMG515 – Manage project human resources;

BSBPMG516 – Manage project information and communication;

BSBPMG517 – Manage project risk; and

BSBPMG521 – Manage project integration.

Elective Units:

BSBPMG518 – Manage project procurement;

BSBPMG519 – Manage project stakeholder engagement;

BSBPMG520 – Manage project governance; and

BSBWOR502 – Lead and manage team effectiveness.


This course is offered in the following methods of delivery:

Entry Requirement

  • Applicable to Year 10 to year 12 School students only
  • Must have a functional level of English;
  • have the capacity for independent learning and group work

Discounts & Payments

We offer a 5% discounts for past students and on bulk enrolments from the same organisation of 3 or more students.