PSP80116 Graduate Certificate in Strategic Procurement

PSP80116 Graduate Certificate in Strategic Procurement

This qualification allows for the attainment of occupational specific competencies for those senior personnel responsible for the integration of procurement into organisational policy and direction, and for the evaluation and improvement of procurement functions at an organisational level.

Gaining experience in your field of expertise to become a subject matter expert takes years to acquire, but have you considered using that knowledge to become a strategic leader or manager?  With your technical knowledge, moving from a technical role to a leadership or management role can be difficult.

At Pro Leaders, we understand the challenges involved and we can help you transition with the PSP80116 Graduate Certificate in Strategic Procurement.

This qualification is designed to give individuals the skills and edge needed to take strategic leadership of an organisation and manage it accordingly.  It is ideal for those who are looking to pursue a senior management or supervisory role by recognising and enhancing your current knowledge and skills to become the strategic leader you aspire to be.

PSP80116 consists of 4 units of competency required to complete the qualification:

Required Units:

PSPPCM025 – Influence and define strategic procurement direction;

PSPPCM026 – Establish the strategic procurement context;

PSPPCM027 – Evaluate and improve strategic procurement performance;

Elective Units:

BSBLDR805 – Lead and influence change.