Why Pro Leaders

Leading the way in Adult Education

Pro Leaders is a  Professional Education and Industry Education leader providing work-based learning towards established qualifications for individuals, businesses and government departments.

As a team, as a business and as professional individuals we have a core focus, we believe that Positive Outcomes create Positive Change, and our vision is to be regarded as a world-class service provider and educator with a reputation based on our ability to deliver quality outcomes while we continue to provide our legendary customer service.

Our entire team is committed to providing flexible learning and assessment options, allowing clients alternatives which recognise the diversity of their individual needs and circumstances aiding them in their learning goals.

We also recognise and understand that every individual is unique and that it is important to be accepted and respected irrespective of our differences, whether they be gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, family status, religious beliefs, perspective, experience, or other ideologies.


Pro Leaders is committed and strongly believes in the following:

Educating professionals on industry standards and best practice: We educate professionals or aspiring professionals to use our experience and knowledge for their own benefit.

Ensure training courses achieve the highest completion rate: We fully support course participants every step of the way through their course to strive for the highest completion rate.

Promoting the highest level of professionalism and service: We are engaging, flexible, and responsive to our clients and course participants’ needs with the highest level of professionalism and customer service.