Pro Leaders Academy has worked with numerous businesses and government departments across Australia to ensure staff have access to quality training and qualification opportunities irrespective of their location.

For staff that work or live in remote and regional areas, we are able to offer a virtual classroom that is fully interactive and enables them to participate alongside their peers via Zoom.

The Virtual Classroom was highly effective and even without the impact of Covid-19,is a suitable alternative for course delivery MM Crowley, Captain S4 6th Engineer Support Regiment

This reduces cost of bringing staff to capital cities considerably yet still provides an equal learning experience.

Zoom, a US based video conference service requires little in the way of bandwidth, although it a stable internet connection is preferable. Downloads aren’t necessary ensuring a seamless and easily accessible learning platform for everyone.

To complement the Virtual Classroom is a state of the art training facility ensuring sound, screen sharing and visual presentations meet the high quality of our facilitators providing course participants an enjoyable learning environment. These facilities are also available for hire.