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Queensland Government Panel.

Pro Leaders Academy is proud to deliver a range of short courses as a member of Queensland Government Procurement & Contracting Learning & Development Panel (QGP002 -2018)

We are also able to assist in your MCIPS pathway with the offering a specialist both as a self paced online module for supply chain managers and face to face classroom option as supplementary knowledge to the Diploma of Procurement and Contracting qualification.

The successful completion of the CIPS approved unit when combined with the Diploma enables the participant to be eligible for MCIPS as a ‘professional licence’ and a grade of membership that recognises your formal qualification together with your work experience. This globally acknowledged award offers you many career benefits. 

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Our flexible and tailored approach allows training organisers to identify key areas of need which we align to the AQF Units of Competency. This approach ensures that key skills are obtained specific to the unit or departments requirements.

Short Courses currently available are:

  • Probity Essentials (1 Day) – With probity being the evidence of ethical behaviour this one day course is essential for anyone working in procurement. 
  • Procurement Essentials (2 Days) – an introduction to government procurement and understanding delegations, approvals and probity.
  • Managing a Contract (2 Days) – a practical two day workshop to gain understanding of contract considerations in a government context 
  • Negotiate with Influence (2 Days) – a interactive two day deliver for anyone looking to develop their negotiation skills
  • Risk Management (2 Days) – Identify, assess evaluate and treat risks whilst not losing the opportunities presented
  • Stakeholder Engagement (1 Day) – this one day course provides an introduction to the value of effective stakeholder communication. 
  • Improving Written Communications (1 Day) – a one day practical workshop focussed on improving written delivery for better outcomes. 
  • Project Management Fundamentals (2 Days) – An ideal introduction to the project lifecycle and interconnecting components that create successful outcomes.
  • Change management (2 Days) – Learn to manage change within the machinery of government.
  • Developing a Persuasive Business Case (1 Day) – Discover how to develop a robust business case to meet the demands of your environment.
  • Planning and Conducting a Tender (2 Days) – An intensive workshop taking you through the tender process including learning to develop procurement documentation and techniques.
  • Strategic Sourcing (2 Days) – Discover how to plan and implement strategic sourcing.

A maximum of 20 people per class. Certificates of Completion / Attainment provided to students. 
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