Upskilling Our Clients

Upskilling Australia, one team at a time.

Pro Leaders Academy offer a range of nationally recognised qualifications and opportunities for upskilling via short course options with delivery tailored to our clients objectives.  These courses range from Certificate IV through to Advanced Diploma for accredited training, and short courses in the field of government procurement, contract management, project/program management, leadership and management, business, and mental health first aid. 

We are also specialists in personal and professional coaching and mentoring, with some of our facilitators accredited with the International Coach Guild (ICG).

Pro Leaders has a strong track record of high performance in delivering quality outcomes for our clients. Flexibility is a major part of our corporate ethos. We work with our clients to improve the performance and the upskilling of their staff using a range of flexible, tailored and practical learning and development strategies. Our strength is our ability to contextualise course material to the organisation’s objective and desired outcomes.

We provide training for all levels of the Australian Government including :

  • Department of Defence;
  • Department of Social Services;
  • Queensland Government; [A member of Queensland Government Procurement & Contracting Learning & Development Panel (QGP002 -2018)]
  • Australian Tax Office
  • ACT Transport
  • Queensland Transport & Main Roads via Core Project Advisory
  • Department of Home Affairs
  • Department of Finance
  • NT Government; and
  • Australian Public Service Commission.

In addition, we work closely with businesses and firms that are looking to increase successful outcomes of projects by helping to upskill their teams in project, procurement, contracting and business management knowledge so they can benefit from the strong combination of experience and knowledge. 

We work differently.

Our agile approach enables us to deliver core business, project and procurement units of competency contextualised to the organisations requirements in a short time frame. Most qualification courses are delivered over a 4-6 month period, segmented into blocks of training to allow the participants to implement the learnings in the work environment, cementing the knowledge. Each organisation has different objectives, therefore we tailor course material to suit ensuring training is both relevant and current and supports the upskilling of staff. 

Our courses are delivered in face to face and via our Virtual Classrooms to ensure all employees, including regional and remote team, have the same equitable access to professional training and nationally recognised qualifications.


The Australasian Procurement and Construction Council Inc (APCC) consists of Australian and New Zealand government agencies with responsibility for the disciplines of procurement, construction, asset management and property management policy and practice. The APCC Website is a unique central repository of knowledge and expertise to support improved delivery of services. Visit the Website at

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